Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Have a Date!

Mark your calendars, we have a date!  We are getting hitched December 11, 2010.  I am a nerd, I wanted to do this date because it will be 12/11/10.

I know I had previously mentioned some other reception venues, but I went to a Bridal Fair today and absolutely love where it was held!  It is a fairly new place on the beach, and has everything we wanted.  It is even right next door to a hotel so if people have too much fun at the reception (which I'm hoping they will) they can just walk next door.  The setup is awesome and the price couldn't be beat.  Now I just have to call the church tomorrow to make sure it's a go :D

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love is Sweet

Spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at anything I can possibly think of that is wedding related, I came across a Candy Buffet.  I immediately became obsessed.  In case you haven't seen one of these babies, here are a few pictures I found and really like.

How stinking cute it this?  I want to get some white chinese takeout boxes for our guests to fill up with goodies.  This is exactly what I had in mind:

I found some damask packing tape at that can be used to decorate the takeout boxes and add a little green tissue and I will have the perfect goody boxes for my guests.

While perusing TJ Maxx this afternoon, I came across some vases that I thought would be perfect for a candy buffet.  So, of course, I had to buy them.

I think it's a good start!  And while I know it's still a little early, I'm hoping that by doing things a little at a time I won't get so stressed.  We shall see!

Next I will have to pick out some yummy candy and treats to fill up my candy buffet!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Possible Reception Venues

I have been talking with Pam, from Carillon Beach Weddings and Events, and I have an appointment next Tuesday to check out their facilities.  Carillon is an absolutely beautiful little area in my hometown and is typically known for their beach weddings.  But since we're looking at the winter months there will be no wedding on the beach (that and because I would have a melt down if I was all sweaty on my wedding day).  We are going to check out the Market Street Ballroom.

The Ballroom is on the second floor of the building in the picture.  I think this would be absolutely beautiful at night and there will be many photo-ops just by stepping outside.  The ballroom is huge and can be sectioned off, so I'm thinking of doing both the ceremony and reception there.  That way after the ceremony our guests can step right next door for cocktails while we finish up pictures.  I am definitely taking my camera, so next Tuesday I will have more pictures to share.

I have also been talking with Michelle at the Visual Arts Center about possibly holding the reception there.  It is an art gallery and the inside is gorgeous.  The only down side is the location.  I grew up on the beach and this is in town.... lame I know, but something I can't seem to push from my mind. 

Don't forget to vote! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Mucho love to my pal Alex for coming up with my stellar blog name!  She rocks, just in case you didn't know.

I am still working on the layout and all of that good stuff, so please pardon the mess for a little while.  I hope to have it looking snazzy in a week or two.

As far as the important details go, I have a date in mind... but I'm waiting to make sure the venues I want are available before I let everyone in on that info.

Moving on to the first item of interest for the wedding blog....  I have six lovely ladies in mind to ask to be my bridesmaids and I want a cutesy card to send to them.  Because seriously, who doesn't love getting fun cards?  So the first line of business is a vote.  Which "Will you be my bridesmaid/maid of honor/matron of honor?" cards to order?  I love Etsy big time, and there are so many talented artists on there.  After searching through Etsy, I have narrowed it down to three cards.  Help me choose!

Option #1
This is from seller PaperHeartsPaperie.  She has some super cute things in her store!  If I had this card, I would keep the green backing (considering it isn't some ridiculous crazy green) and the dress would be black.

Option #2
This is from seller ShortcakeScraps.  I love the flowers, but I would probably get them in green if I ordered this one.

Option #3
These are from Embellished by Tiffany.  Black, white and green are going to be my wedding colors, so this would be exactly what I ordered.

Go on over to the upper right side and pick your favorite!